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ACM400 – cutting machine


  • Speed: Max. 400 cigars/minute
  • Machine dimensions:
    347 x 96 x 219 cm (L x W x H)
  • Machine weight: 1200 kg
  • Power consumption: 3,36 kW
  • Compressed air: 6 bar / 70 ltr/min
  • Product dimensions*:
    Diameter: Min. Ø 7 mm Max. Ø 12 mm
    Length: Min. 70 mm Max. 240 mm

* Other dimensions on request

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The cigar cutting machine is suitable for cutting cigars with single or double length.

The cigars to be cut, enter the transport chain of the cutting machine through a conveyor system with carriers. An alignment system aligns the cigars in the transport chain, after which both ends of the cigars are simultaneously cut off. Subsequently, the cigars are cut in the middle and transported out of the cutting machine.

A bottom blade supports the cigars during cutting. The bottom blade does not touch the rotating cutting blade to ensure a maximum lifespan. The rotational speed of each cutting blade can be set individually.

The entire machine meets the latest CE standards.


  • Different discharge and supply systems
  • Perforating system
    To reach the desired draw of the cigar
  • Independent cigar-end cutting
    Additional knives for cutting cigar heads
  • Format parts
    For each cigar size, format parts can be produced

Although there is much more to tell about the performance of this machine, we prefer to do so in person. Please leave your details via the contact page or call us and we will contact you as soon as we can. You can also send us your question directly.