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ATD Machinery independent Ltd

Announcement ATD Machinery an independent Ltd.

Dear Sir, Madam,


Herewith we have the pleasure to inform you that per the 1st of January 2013,
trademark ATD Machinery has become an independent Ltd.


During the past years, the activities of ATD Machinery have grown from a technical department to a market leader in cigar machinery, which justifies the creation of an independent company: ATD Machinery B.V.


The independence of ATD Machinery will allow us to continue and develop our activities, in order to be an even better partner for you in the future.


ATD Machinery B.V. remains a company which is 100% owned by the Wintermans family, which keeps ATD Machinery B.V. a family owned company, like Royal Agio Cigars.


We trust to have informed you sufficiently, but should you have any questions about this announcement, please
do not hesitate to contact your contact person at ATD Machinery or via +31 497 582 582 or e-mail


Kind regards,


ATD Machinery B.V.


WimHeeren                                                   Jonas Wintermans

Managing director                                        Vice president