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ATSS – shell and slide box packer (120 boxes/min)


  • Speed: Max. 120 boxes/minute,
    (1 or 2 layers of max. 10 cigars)
  • Machine dimensions:
    560 x 115 x 210 cm (L x W x H)
  • Machine weight: 4720 kg
  • Power consumption: 3,5 kW
  • Compressed air: 6 bar / 180 ltr/min
  • Package dimensions*:
    Length: Min. 50 mm Max. 120 mm
    Width: Min. 15 mm Max. 100 mm
    Height: Min. 5 mm Max. 30 mm

* Other dimension on request

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All movements in this machine are provided in triplicate, enabling the machine to easily pack 120 boxes/minute. Two conveyor belts transport the boxes through the machine. First a threefold swivelling arm takes three slides from the magazine and puts them into the transport chain. Cigars are supplied to the machine by mass flow.

Three formations of cigars are ejected in the ready slides at the bottom side of the cigars magazine. At the next positions a coupon can be laid into the package just before the upper and bottom flaps are closed. Then the slides are transported to the slide-in position. A threefold swivelling arm lays the slides into the shell chain. While taking out the shells, the shells are folded nicely rectangular. After this the shells are transported to the slide-in position. At the slide-in position the slides with the cigars are slid into the opened shells. Subsequently, the ready packs are transported to the rejection position, where faulty packages are automatically rejected. Good packages are discharged out of the machine.


  • Different cigar feeders can be installed
  • Format parts
    For each cigar model, format parts can be produced
  • Coupon feeder

Although there is much more to tell about the performance of this machine, we prefer to do so in person. Please leave your details via the contact page or call us and we will contact you as soon as we can. You can also send us your question directly.