ATD Machinery

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It was in the year 1981 that ATD Machinery cemented it’s reputation as an innovative organisation. By embracing and implementing the bobbinizing operations, accompanied by automation, ATD machinery’s professionalism became a fact.

ATD Machinery invests not only in the production process, but also in quality control. This makes it possible to guarantee the best possible quality.

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RCM – Rolling Cutting Machine

The RCM is a rolling/cutting machine that cuts wrappers and binders out of tobacco leafs and winds them into a…

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BCM – bobbin control machine

The bobbin inspection machine unwinds a full bobbin on a perforated conveyorbelt to count and to inspect the quality of…

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CMA – correction machine

The CMA is a machine which rewinds and aligns empty bobbins at high speed with an edge-alignment system. Photocells scan…

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Die – groups

Wrapper- and binder-dies are important machine parts for the production of cigars. Because they also have a big influence on…

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