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Bunch Making

A quick look back into the history is all that is needed to see that ATD Machinery has an unparalleled drive to optimise the performance of machines. Originally specialising in repair, inprovement and readjustment, we now completely overhaul all kinds of machines.

ATD Machinery has developed a variety of modules that improve or speed up the performance of existing machines and simplify processes. A good example of improvement is a quick and easy adjustment of the lenght of cigars on the Variomat- S. Yesterday’s wishes become today’s standards at ATD Machinery.
As safety is becoming more and more important, ATD Machinery also offers safety guards for existing machines. ATD Machinery is the perfect partner for format sets and spare parts.

When you examine the extensive knowledge and experience that ATD Machinery has amassed throughout the years, there can only be one conclusion: ATD Machinery is your partner for manufacturing and overhauling bunch making machines.

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To give the straight bunch the desired head-shape, both ends of the bunch need to be pressed by head-shapers. The…

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SWWV – bunch making and headshaping

The SWWV is a machine that makes bunches with head shaped ends at medium speed. The machine consists out of…

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Tobacco feeder

The tobacco feeder is used to fill a bunch making machine with tobacco. The tobacco will be transported upwards by…

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MK 8 – bunch making

Although there is much more to tell about the performance of this machine, we prefer to do so in person….

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ATD Machinery is also your partner for overhauling KDS machines

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All Spare-/Format parts Variomat-S

ATD Machinery can supply for almost every cigar making machine, spare parts and complete set of format parts. The parts…

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All spare-/format parts SWWV

ATD Machinery can supply for almost every cigar making machine, complete set of format parts. The Format parts are produced…

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