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Die – groups


  • Binder and Wrapper for the following machines:
    • RCM
    • MID-S HTL
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Wrapper- and binder-dies are important machine parts for the production of cigars. Because they also have a big influence on the maintenance costs, due to wear, it is important to have an optimum life span for these dies.

ATD Machinery has years of experience in producing dies and die-groups and has by using special high quality materials and treatments, increased the lifetime substantially. For the production of the die-group-parts, ATD Machinery makes use of modern CNC-machines. Finishing and mounting of these parts is done by qualified specialists, with years of experience in producing die-groups.

ATD Machinery exceeds in developing new die-groups for new or changed cigar models.

Because ergonomics gets more and more important to ensure production efficiency, it is now a days even possible to make ergonomically diecovers which relieves the wrists.


  • Parts are also separate available