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New TPD2 solutions

It are exciting times for cigar producers.  The new upcoming TPD is a big worry for everybody.


In case a Member State would grant the exemption for cigars, the TPD says for packets in the form of a shoulder box with a hinged lid that the general warning label must appear on the inside of the top surface that is visible when the packet is open. But in worst case senario, a Member State could decide not to grant the exemption. In this case they have to follow the cigarette guidelines, which means labeling on the top, inside, bottom, left and right side of the shoulder box.


ATD Machinery is your solution for all your worries about the new TPD. We developed complete new labelling lines  at medium and high speed. Machines for labelling only on the inside and “full option” machines for labelling on top, bottom, inside, left and right side.


Next to labelling equipment we also offer alternative packaging solutions like shell & slide packers or single tuck packers.


At request we also devellop together with you a complete new line according your specifications


Please contact us for more information !