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Owner ATD Machinery invests in high-tech

As of today, the owner of ATD Machinery and Royal Agio Cigars in Duizel (NL) has become a shareholder in the NTS-Group, taking an interest of 50%.

Ad Wintermans, President of the Supervisory Board of Agio, has indicated that eventually, his family business intends to acquire 100% of the NTS shares.

Marc Hendrikse, CEO of the NTS-Group:

“As Executive Board, we are very pleased with this development, because it enables us to continue our growth strategy, which is imperative for our role in the high-tech market. Moreover, this participation preserves our culture of a family owned business.”


The NTS-Group in Eindhoven, with production facilities in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Singapore and China, has experienced substantial growth in recent years. The company came into being in 2005, born of a merger between Nebato (established in 1954) and Te Strake (established in 1947). The company recently strengthened its international position with two acquisitions in Asia.


As a result, the NTS-Group now employs around 1,000 people, and has an annual turnover of more than 125 million euros. NTS will continue with her actions to anchor and expand this market position. There are, for example, plans to expand the production and assembly operations in Eastern Europe.


Ad Wintermans elaborates on his strategy: “Royal Agio Cigars will be celebrating its 110th anniversary next year. Nowadays my son Boris is responsible for our activities in the cigar industry, while my son Jonas focusses on the development of the technical operations, creating the second strong backbone of our family business. The investment in the NTS-Group is an important milestone in this strategy. We’re proud that we can fulfill our ambitions in the high-tech world, and we believe NTS-Group to be one of the companies with the strongest growth potential in the Brainport Region.”


Agio is the principal business of the Wintermans family and is a well known, family owned, world-wide operating cigar manufacturer. Agio’s annual turnover is around 135 million euros, and they employ more than 2,600 people in Duizel (NL), Westerlo (Belgium), Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic. The family Wintermans has extensive experience in machine building through their subsidiary ATD Machinery.


Recently the portfolio is expanded with an investment in Additive Industries that focusses on industrializing 3D printing techniques of metal for, amongst other things, the manufacturing of high-tech machine parts.


About NTS

The NTS-Group assumes responsibility for the development, creation and assembly of optomechatronic systems and mechanical modules for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) so that these clients can focus on the marketing, sales and servicing of their products.


The NTS-Group has deliberately incorporated the manufacturing of critical components into its organisation. This makes it
possible to maintain optimal control of production feasibility, costs and logistics performance. Professional skill knowledge and know-how complement each other within the group. Thanks to our companies in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Singapore and China, we can also respond flexibly to market demands. This unique concentration of strength on
an international level means that our customers can deliver high-quality machines to their market in a shorter turnaround time and at competitive prices.


NTS-Group: partner of choice for opto-mechatronic modules en systems.


About Royal Agio Cigars


Royal Agio Cigars, established in 1904, produces and sells, among others, the cigar brands Mehari, Panter and Balmoral.

The market share is 11% in Europe, and 32% in the Netherlands. That ranks A gio no. 1 in the Netherlands, and no. 4 in the
world. Agio exports to around 100 countries, with Europe as its core market.

The operations take place in Duizel, Westerlo (Belgium), Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic, and involve more than
2,600 employees. Furthermore, sister company ATD Machinery BV produces machines mainly for the cigar industry. ATD Machinery has an annual turnover of 15 million euros, of which 80% consists of supplying to third parties. ATD Machinery employs around 65 people.


Additive Industries BV has recently been established, in which Agio has an interest. The aim is to bundle regional suppliers, in
order to industrialise the 3D printing technique in metal for, among other things, the high-tech machine construction.

The total turnover for the various operations comes to around 135 million euros.




More information:

Marc Hendrikse – CEO NTS-Group, Tel. 31 (0)40 259 7211

Ad Wintermans – President Supervisory Board Royal Agio Cigars, tel. 31 (0)40 4975 82500

Dorothy Baijens – Communication NTS-Group, Tel. 31 (0)40 259 7281