ATD Machinery

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Shoulder Box Line


  • Speed Max. 120 boxes/min
  • Min. dimensions shoulderbox: 40x70x8 mm
  • Max. dimensions shoulderbox: 120x120x22 mm
  • Fast exchangeable between different products
  • Total power consumption: 29,9 kW

ATD Machinery has developed a Shoulder box production line to produce Shoulder boxes.  ATD Machinery is the only developer and producer of the Shoulder box production line. The Shoulder boxes are made from specific carton and the process consists out of 6 different stages. Every stage is infact a seperate machine. The machines that form the Shoulder box production line are:
The Bottom maker, Lid doming machine, the Combiner, the Labeler, the Cutting machine and the Discharge table.

Below, the six machines are described in short.

Bottom maker
Lid doming machine
Cutting machine
Discharge table


  • Vision and Rejection-system
  • Drying buffer
  • Complete format set