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  • Speed: Max. 600 bunches / minute
  • Machine dimensions:
    150 x 125 x 175 cm (L x W x H)
  • Machine weight: 1600 kg
  • Power consumption: 10 kW
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Bunch dimensions:
    Length: without cut 120 – 360 mm
    Lenght: with cut 160 – 360 mm
    Diameter: Min. Ø 8 mm Max. Ø 22 mm
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To give the straight bunch the desired head-shape, both ends of the bunch need to be pressed by head-shapers. The bunches are transported into the drilling wheel by a rotating wheel. This wheel has 4 clamps mounted onto it (4 drilling positions). The clamps take the bunches and hold them in position during the rotating movement. During this movement the head-ends of the bunches are drilled “on the fly” by rotating drills, so there is less tobacco in it. This space is needed to make head shaping easier. After drilling, the bunches are taken over by the head shaping wheel. During rotation the heads are shaped by pressing the format parts together. After shaping the heads, the bunches fall out of the head shaping wheel onto a discharge conveyor.


  • Length adjustment
    By changing format parts the Variomat-S can handle different bunch dimensions. To make the format change easier, ATD developed an unique system which makes it possible to install the bunch length by use of a rotating wheel.
  • The VARIOMAT-S can be operated as a standalone unit or in combination with a bunch maker.
  • Cutter
    To cut double length bunches on the discharge-side of the machine.

Although there is much more to tell about the performance of this machine, we prefer to do so in person. Please leave your details via the contact page or call us and we will contact you as soon as we can. You can also send us your question directly by clicking the button below.